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Here are some example learning opportunities being offered (or recommended) by our fellow Kachuwa Members. None of these groups has participation requirements based on levels of wealth, income, experience, or skill.

  1. Angels of Main Street:  an education and investment club in which some Kachuwa Members participate.

  2. Down to Earth Finance:  a blog and podcast by Kachuwa Member, Galia Gichon, about personal finance.

  3. Essential Knowledge for Transition (EK4T):  courses offered by Kachuwa Member, Marco Vangelisti, about Aware and No-Harm Investing™.

  4. Invest for Better:  an investment education community of women that was co-founded by Kachuwa Member, Janine Firpo, and her colleague, Ellen Remmer.

  5. Rich and Resilient Living:  a blog by Kachuwa Member, Laura Oldanie, with helpful resources and ideas.

  6. The Next Egg:  an organization in which some Kachuwa Members participate that helps people learn about self-directed IRAs and solo 401(k)s.

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