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Kachuwa Impact Fund closes $4.5M in annual stock offering

Boulder, Colorado, November 15, 2022 – Earlier this fall, Kachuwa Impact Fund closed its largest fundraise to date, raising more than $4.5 million in new equity via a private stock offering. Kachuwa Impact Fund has conducted a raise for each of the last five years and has grown substantially each year as new members join and existing members invest more in the fund. Kachuwa Impact Fund is an investment cooperative whereby each investor becomes a member-owner of the fund.

“We are pleased with the continued growth of our cooperative,” said Blake Jones, President of Kachuwa Impact Fund, “and it’s great to see that our incoming member-owners are excited about our unique approach to impact investing.”

“We love that our membership has now grown to over 180 members and that almost 40% of them are non-accredited investors,” said Alicia Robb, Vice President of Kachuwa Impact Fund. “One of our goals is to be as inclusive as possible to both accredited and non-accredited investors alike, and that’s why we have a low minimum investment requirement of $5,000 and why we choose to issue 1099-DIV tax forms instead of K-1s.”

“Our cooperative now has over $17 million that has been invested by our members,” said Lizette Peña, Treasurer of Kachuwa Impact Fund, “and we’re managing a portfolio of over $30 million of impact real estate, private equity, and private debt investments. Our cooperative members are seeking a reasonable return – but not an extractive return – by investing in an impactful and diverse portfolio like Kachuwa’s.”

According to Gwénaël Hagan, Secretary of Kachuwa Impact Fund, “We are proud of the high-impact portfolio that Kachuwa has invested in, and we are excited about this new round of funding to support our robust pipeline of impact investing opportunities.”

Those interested in learning more can visit Based in Colorado, Kachuwa Impact Fund (pronounced KAW-choo-wuh) is an investment cooperative and public benefit corporation focused on owning and operating “impact real estate” and investing in privately held “impact companies.” As a cooperative, Kachuwa is democratically owned and controlled by its members. By design, at least 60% of Kachuwa’s assets are real estate and no more than 40% of its assets are investments. Kachuwa is an open-ended, “evergreen" fund, and it is similar to a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) combined with a mutual fund whose diversified holdings have a positive impact on society and the environment. Kachuwa’s goal is not to maximize financial return at any cost; instead, it is to create positive impact while earning reasonable, non-extractive returns for its members. Consequently, Kachuwa’s investors tend to be people who are seeking private investment opportunities that prioritize social and environmental impact rather than the short-sighted, bottom-line focus for which Wall Street is known.

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